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DG100 Control

DG100 Control is a simple progam to control the settings of the GlobalSat DG-100. It is based on work originally made by Mirko Parthey, and the DG-100 code used by gpsbabel, which is also based on Mirko's work with additional enhancements from Robert Lipe (and probably others).

DG100 Control consists of two frontends: dg100ctl, which is a basic console program, and qt-dg100ctl which is a graphical version of dg100ctl. Their feature-set is almost the same for the two:

  • Configuration of speed and distance thresholds.
  • Configuration of the three log interval modes. Can set both time and distance intervals.
  • Toggle WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS mode.
  • Toggle GPS-Mouse mode (experimental, dg100ctl only).

Although both dg100ctl and qt-dg100ctl are usable, they are still in the early stages of development.


Current version is 0.1. See launchpad entry for more information.

Source repository

The dg100ctl project is hosted at launchpad at:
Currently, the code repository is using bazaar and is also hosted at launchpad:


qt-dg100ctl running:
Screenshot of qt-dg100

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