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MSP430 GCC Uniarch build script

This simple build script fetches and builds the trunk of the MSP430 GCC Uniarch project as described here. Currently, this script works only on Linux, as it tries to detect required packages and requests them to be installed. It has been tested on Ubuntu 11.04 and Fedora Core 13.

Usage of the script is very easy. Create a new directory for MSP430 GCC Uniarch, copy to it, and run it. Example:

# mkdir -p $HOME/msp430
# cp $HOME/msp430
# cd $HOME/msp430
# ./

If the script finished succesfully (which might take a while) everything is installed into $HOME/msp430/install, and setting PATH to $HOME/msp430/install/bin allows msp430gcc to be invoked with "msp430-gcc".

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Modified: Sat 17-Mar-12 11:33:49 PDT