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Optware Packages


As for now I do not proivde any finished packages here, only make files to build them. You might want to have a look at for a description of how to setup the build environment such that you can build the packages.


In order to create the International Components for Unicode (ICU) package I have used a patch from, and also followed the instructions on that page. Therefore two versions of ICU will be build, one for the host-system and one for the target-system. As building this package requires both a makefile and a patch, I have created a tar-file which is to be extracted in the optware root directory. This will build ICU 3.8.1.

Download icu-ipk-1.tar.bz2


As rsyncrypto depends on argtable, I had to create a package for that too.

If you follow the instructions provided by the NSLU2/optware project, just copy the two files above to the make directory. The packages are build by running:

make argtable-ipk
make rsyncrypto-ipk

Remember to install both packages if you want to use rsyncrypto :-). If you have any comments and/or suggestions, feel free to contact me. The files have been build with Ubuntu 7.10/Gutsy and run on the Synology DS-106e.



This package is not written from scratch, it is just updated to patch rdiff-backup to work under the Synology DiskStation DS-106e. The problem is that the DiskStation uses a modified ext3 file system that is case insensitive. This means that Python cannot distinguish between the built-in "time" module and the rdiff-backup "Time" module (notice the captial "T"). The patch ensures that the python "time" module is loaded when appropriate.
The patch is to be placed in the sources/py-rdiff-backup/ directory, and should be named "time.patch".
After downloading the two files, and placing them in the correct directories, the new rdiff-backup package can be build by running:

make py-rdiff-backup-ipk

The files have been build with Ubuntu 7.10/Gutsy and run on the Synology DS-106e.

Download time.patch

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