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XMMS Media Library

Update: Development stopped.

This is a little XMMS plugin.
I was inspired by WinCue for WinAmp, but nothing else but the idea is stolen.
Download it, check it out and tell me what you think about it. It’s released under the GPL and comes completely without any warranty. You use it completely on your own risk (surprise, surprise).

The plugin probably has tons of bugs, but it should both compile and work for you, if not, drop me a mail.

If you want to see how it looks, I have a slightly outdated screenshot of pre4-0.2 version: here.

Current versions
The current release version is 0.3 (download)
The current development version is at revision 33 (download, changelog).
I encourage you to try the development versions and give me feedback on it, as several parts of it have been rewritten and I have the feeling that it’s much more stable then the release version :-).

* XMMS (tested with 1.2.4)
* GTK (1.2.0)
* GLIB (1.2.0)
* POSIX threads

I have only tested this plugin with Linux 2.4.x and FreeBSD 4.6 any results from other Unices are more than welcome.
It might not be as stable under FreeBSD because lack of testing.

Modified: Thu 24-Oct-13 01:30:12 PDT